My Spotify Wrapped 2019

Every year Spotify is making a overview of your music as an artist or as a listener. It is really cool to see where your music was played and how much. Numbers are just numbers but it is still cool to see how many people listened.

This was my first year on Spotify as an artist. I reached out to labels but didn’t got signed, so I started to release my own music. I reached out to a distribution and so I released my own tracks.

Rejoice in Trust‘ was my first release on Spotify and my first track with vocals. Then the follow up was ‘Where I Belong‘. This is my biggest track and it is so cool to see that people actually listen to my own made music! I did two more releases named, ‘Act Wisely‘ and ‘Me and You‘.

I also did 2 remixes which I released on Soundcloud. The first one is ‘Tell Me A Lie‘ and the second one is ‘In My Arms‘. These remixes got a total of around 5400 streams!

Also thank y’all for supporting me and listening to my tracks. I have seen screenshots of people where I was in there top 5 most listened songs of 2019 or top 5 most listened artists, BLESSED! Happy to see the results of 2019 and I am excited about 2020, lots of cool stuff will come and happen.